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Many people have complained about connecting to the server and having to download the custom texture pack, so I hope to solve that problem. I've created a resource pack from the server files that you can download and use. I recommend that you disable it when you play on other servers as the textures won't match up properly.

the tutorial
1. Download the resource pack from this link.
2. Once downloaded, drop the zip file into resourcepacks folder in .minecraft ; if you're unsure of this location please look up how to install resource packs.
3. Open minecraft and go to the server list, click on the server (don't double click) and click edit near the bottom.
4. Set server resource packs to: disabled and hit done.
5. Enable the resource pack like any other.

As another reminder, I recommend you disable this resource pack when you play on other servers with custom textures, or even default servers.

I hope this was helpful for you, and if you have any questions please leave a comment here or on discord.

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